White Oak United Methodist Church

The North District

White Oak UMC is a church committed to reaching out to the community, working to connect people who have experienced some distance from God and the Church, creating opportunities to grow in their faith and live that faith out in Christ "followership", all because we feel people matter to God, therefore mattering to us.  If you are in White Oak, find us nestled away at 503 Center St., 1/2 mile west of White Oak Rd.

Sunday Morning

Sunday morning for us is best understood by coming together to serve God. We do this by doing things we need to do:
Sing songs for Him, create beautiful images for Him, tell Him what’s on your mind and in your heart, and in general rejoice in Him.
We offer a worship opportunity for you on Sunday morning to do just that.  Along with our vibrant worship, dynamic and interactive Sunday School Classes are provided for you.  Our worship and Sunday School exist so you might be more informed about how God works in your life as well as the lives of those around you.  

We hope and pray you are able to make many wonderful discoveries while you are here with us.  We look forward to developing a close relationship with you and hope you find us comfortable and inviting enough to also invite those close to you.
Get Directions To:
503 W Center St
White Oak TX 75693

We Are So Glad You Came!

We hope your experience here is exciting, educational, spiritual, transformable, and memorable.  Our work here is about saving souls and making disciples of Jesus Christ.  Moreover, we care about you.

Our ministry is about Reaching out to all people, so we might be able to be a Witness to our Faith.  We then seek to Nurture the faith of all people and to Honor God with our ministry.  And this is why we are excited to have you with us!  Experience God's Love, Grace and Ministry with us!

Why You should Come Back

We are about many things but primarily, we are about God.  God has brought us together, and we want to honor that.  Our ministry is to facilitate an encounter with Christ, to be transformed in His image.  Our ministries offer an opportunity for you and your family.

Specifically we reach beyond age groups with our Music, Witnessing and Outreach ministries.  We are confident God has brought you to this place for a reason.  Explore this with us.  Allow us to explore it with you.