That in-between spot of life.  No longer a child, so you can't get away with much, and not quite an adult, so you don't get all of the rights.  Certainly a frustrating time, but what a time it is!  This is the time in which heroes are formed, dreams begin to take shape and grow closer to reality.  Students learn, that is to be sure, but what is it they learn?

Students learn about the great things in life and the lessons which break hearts.  Students experience both hypocrisy and idealism.  They want to follow their hearts, but watch as others ignore their own.

Students get to make great, life changing and transforming decisions, and they do.  Some decide to act, while others decide not to act.  The purpose of this site is to offer some good choices so that the decisions made in life will be faithful to God and point to Jesus Christ.


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